Step by Step on How to Do Cleaning Rooms in a Hotel

Cleaning Rooms in a Hotel

When you decide to stay in a hotel, you can see that the room is very clean. It looks tidy and it seems that there is no dirt at all. It is the ultimate guide for a hotel to give the best service to all of the customers. If you like to know how they do cleaning rooms, there are some steps to follow.

Remove the Linens

The first thing that you need to do to clean rooms in a hotel is removing all the linen from the bed. You also need to check if there is any stain left on the bed. Some guests might pour something on the bed by accident and it needs to be cleaned.

Clean the Trash

The trash needs to be cleaned from the room. You need to pick any trash in the room. Some trash might be hidden behind the door, under the bed, or inside the drawers. Make sure that you pick all the trash and throw it in the trash can.


The dust needs to be removed from the room by dusting it. You need to make sure that you wipe all the dust from the top of the wardrobe, inside the drawers, behind the door, etc. The top service given to guests is by giving the very clean room in a hotel and cleaning in details needs to be done.



Wipe and Disinfect

After making sure that you clean all the dust, it is time to wipe any surface and disinfect them. Any surface that you find from table, chair, cabinet, artwork, and others needs to be wiped.

Make the Bed

The next step to do in cleaning rooms is making the bed. Starting with the mattress pad, then you can continue with replacing the pillows, sheets, and bedspread. The guests can have a great time in resting in a hotel room clean bed.

Clean the Bathroom

The bathroom needs to be cleaned and be disinfected in every part. The toilet, sink, shower, and others need to be cleaned perfectly. The guests need to have a good impression on a hotel and you need to make sure that they can get it by doing a perfect cleaning in a bathroom.

Restock Items

Items like toiletries, refreshments, pens, notebook, and laundry bags needs to be restocked. The guests usually try to seek them when they stay in a hotel. Besides restock the items, you also need to make sure that mugs, glassware, and ice bucket are clean.

Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the Floors

When you vacuum the floor, you can also check if there is any trash left so you can clean it right away. The vacuum needs to be able to reach any hidden spot so there will be no dust left in the room. This is very important to give the ultimate comfort to the guests.

After the room is clean, you can add some little touch like putting flowers on a vase or giving some fragrance in the room. The guests will feel more comfortable with the nice smell in the room.