Keep Your Room Clean and Safe

Keep Your Room Clean

Keep Your Room Clean and Safe

Keep Your Room Clean

Keep Your Room Clean and Safe, cleaning the room for some people is the laziest and tiring thing, right? But it must be clean because we live, sleep and do many things in the room. Can you imagine if your room is full of dirty clothes, used snacks that you don’t eat up? Anyway, it’s a dirty environment. Ask this question; how can you maintain your health and safety if you are a lazy person and don’t care to clean the room? Especially if you’re electronic goods are expensive and need to be cared for frequently. You have to tidy up the electrical things in your room.

Like it or not, we have to maintain health and safety. One of the ways is by keeping the house clean and tidy. The home environment around us should also be a comfortable place for us to live in and play below are some tips that you can do before cleaning your room and electric furniture.

Maintain Health and Safety

  1. Gather your intention and motivation. Cleaning the rooms does require strong motivation and will. It will be another story if you have a maid who will clean your room every day. If you still live with your parents, maybe your parents will clean up. But if you live alone, then it is important to clean your room seriously.
  2. If you are a busy person. You maybe work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You do not have time every day to clean the rooms in your house. Make sure you create a cleaning schedule that you must adhere. The electrical cables which messy certainly also dangerous for you.
  3. Choose the items that you no longer use. You can be thrown it away or if they are still feasible you can donate to those who are in need. For example, your used clothes are still in good condition or books that you have finished reading. These items will be more useful if you give them to other people.
  4. Separate perishable items like your snacks from your electrical things. Keep it in a closed container and make sure no mice or ants can pick it up. Do not left scatter on the floor of your room. The leftovers will make your room be a nest of germs and even worse, destructive by mice or ants.
  5. Know a better idea? Yes, you can do sales of your used goods. You can sell it online or on your home page. You can hold a garage sale. For example, your electric kettle is still good but you don’t like it anymore. You can sell it.
  6. Do not forget the clothes behind the door or hanging in the cupboard and it is still dirty. You can get skin disease if you wear dirty clothes. And it is a big no for leaving used dishes or dirty glasses in the room, especially near an electric contact that is always installed.

Last, let’s make a clean lifestyle your lifestyle. Clean your room, straighten your power cord. Stay safe.

Cleaning Your House Perfectly with These 5 Equipments

Cleaning Your House Perfectly

Cleaning Your House Perfectly with These 5 Equipments

Cleaning Your House Perfectly

Cleaning Your House Perfectly with These 5 Equipments. Cleaning the house has become a daily routine. Of course there are some people who choose to clean their homes occasionally. However, all of them have the same goal, their living quarters to be clean and comfortable to live in.

To clean up our living space, there are several pieces of equipment that can certainly help ease our work. This is because it is impossible to clean a room without the help of household appliances at all. So to get maximum results when cleaning all the rooms in your house or apartment, you need a number of tools that will help you

There Are 5 Equipments

You probably already understand how to clean the house. But maybe you still find it difficult to determine what kind of cleaning tool equipment that should be owned. At least, there are 5 equipments that you must have to clean your house or where you live. What are those?

  1. Brooms and mops

You could say a broom and floor are the two main equipments for cleaning your house or apartment. The function of these equipments is to clean the floor of the house or apartment. You can use a broom to clean the floor from large trash. Then for maximum results, you can use a mop to clean the room.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner is also a cleaning tool that should be in your home. In modern society that needs practical and fast cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners are a lifesaver. You can clean up a room quickly and easily with this tool. This equipment is perfect for floors that are often covered with carpets. If you need more sophisticated cleaning equipment, you can choose a robot vacuum cleaner. This flat, round-shaped tool can be adjusted to move on its own, and clears hard-to-reach parts of the room.

  1. Duster

Duster becomes an important part of cleaning the room. You can use a cloth or microfiber which can be used to clean furniture that is exposed to dust or wet and damp. It is recommended that you choose a duster or microfiber which is made of thick cloth so that it is easy to absorb liquid. Choose one that has a smooth material so it doesn’t scratch the surface of your furniture.

  1. Brush

A brush made of coarse and slightly hard material is useful for cleaning up stubborn dirt on the floor or walls of the room. If the floors or walls of the rooms in your house have stains and scale that are difficult to remove, use a brush like this one to clean them. Because it is made of tougher fiber brush will help you clean the stain more easily.

  1. Cleaning fluid

Cleaning fluid is a must have in every home. You need to know that there are so many chemical cleaning fluids that are commonly used to clean rooms in the house with different functions and uses. Be careful to store this cleaning fluid, and make sure it is not easily accessible by children

Now that you know the five equipments for cleaning a room, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to clean the house.

Step by Step on How to Do Cleaning Rooms in a Hotel

Cleaning Rooms in a Hotel

When you decide to stay in a hotel, you can see that the room is very clean. It looks tidy and it seems that there is no dirt at all. It is the ultimate guide for a hotel to give the best service to all of the customers. If you like to know how they do cleaning rooms, there are some steps to follow.

Remove the Linens

The first thing that you need to do to clean rooms in a hotel is removing all the linen from the bed. You also need to check if there is any stain left on the bed. Some guests might pour something on the bed by accident and it needs to be cleaned.

Clean the Trash

The trash needs to be cleaned from the room. You need to pick any trash in the room. Some trash might be hidden behind the door, under the bed, or inside the drawers. Make sure that you pick all the trash and throw it in the trash can.


The dust needs to be removed from the room by dusting it. You need to make sure that you wipe all the dust from the top of the wardrobe, inside the drawers, behind the door, etc. The top service given to guests is by giving the very clean room in a hotel and cleaning in details needs to be done.



Wipe and Disinfect

After making sure that you clean all the dust, it is time to wipe any surface and disinfect them. Any surface that you find from table, chair, cabinet, artwork, and others needs to be wiped.

Make the Bed

The next step to do in cleaning rooms is making the bed. Starting with the mattress pad, then you can continue with replacing the pillows, sheets, and bedspread. The guests can have a great time in resting in a hotel room clean bed.

Clean the Bathroom

The bathroom needs to be cleaned and be disinfected in every part. The toilet, sink, shower, and others need to be cleaned perfectly. The guests need to have a good impression on a hotel and you need to make sure that they can get it by doing a perfect cleaning in a bathroom.

Restock Items

Items like toiletries, refreshments, pens, notebook, and laundry bags needs to be restocked. The guests usually try to seek them when they stay in a hotel. Besides restock the items, you also need to make sure that mugs, glassware, and ice bucket are clean.

Sweep, Vacuum, and Mop the Floors

When you vacuum the floor, you can also check if there is any trash left so you can clean it right away. The vacuum needs to be able to reach any hidden spot so there will be no dust left in the room. This is very important to give the ultimate comfort to the guests.

After the room is clean, you can add some little touch like putting flowers on a vase or giving some fragrance in the room. The guests will feel more comfortable with the nice smell in the room.

Room Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Cleaning Life Hacks that You Need to Know

5 Ways to Do

Room Cleaning Tips and Tricks: Cleaning Life Hacks that You Need to Know. Cleaning any room in your house will be so much easier if you knew some room cleaning life hacks. Yes, cleaning a room can be such a drag, especially if you have so much stuff in your room. There is no easy way to clean the huge pile of mess that was always in your room.

Sadly, cleaning your room is a necessity. You do not want things to keep piling up and make your room look like the Amazon jungle, right? Well, that is exactly why we are going to give you some cleaning tips that will make your life so much easier. So, buckle up and look at these amazing cleaning life hacks that will motivate you to clean any room in your house.

Room Cleaning Tips

Room Cleaning Tips

DIY All-Purpose Cleaner

Whether you are cleaning your bathroom floor or your kitchen sink, you are going to need some sort of cleaner. You know, that liquid thing that you pour before you start scrubbing. And sometimes these liquid products are very specific. You need to have one for your bathroom floor and a different one for your kitchen sink. And that could be pretty overwhelming, right?

Well, what if we say that you can have only one type of cleaning liquid that you can use to clean almost anything in your house? We do not know about you, but we would be super thrilled. And the best part about it is the fact that you can make it yourself, DIY style.

What you need to do to make this all-purpose cleaner is to mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with a quart of warm water and it is done. Wipe any mess away using a sponge and this little liquid helper. You can clean almost anything, from kitchen counters, refrigerator, and even appliances. Room cleaning has never been easier.

Room Cleaning Tips

Room Cleaning Tips

Say Goodbye to Smelly Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal can sometimes have unpleasant odors that you can smell from miles away, which can be kind of gross. Well, you can easily get rid of that smell using a simple ingredient, which is lemon rinds. Just run a few lemon rinds to your garbage disposal. After that, use cold water to remove the smell completely. This easy and simple tip is going to be a lifesaver.

Room Cleaning Tips

Room Cleaning Tips

Use Coffee Filters to Clean Mirrors

This is quite a unique tip that we are going to give you. When you are cleaning your mirror using a paper towel, you might notice some streaks in your mirror after you think you have wiped everything away. Well, there is a perfect alternative to paper towels when it comes to cleaning mirrors. And that alternative is none other than coffee filters.

But why coffee filters? Well, as many of you might not know, coffee filters are lint-free. This allows them to clean mirrors without leaving any unwanted streaks that might appear if you clean your mirror using a paper towel.


Cleaning the room is not easy. However, it is very necessary. With the help of these room cleaning tips and tricks, you will be able to clean any room like a piece of cake.

5 Ways to Do Room Cleaning So That Your Room Looks Clean

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do Room Cleaning So That Your Room Looks Clean. Room space is a personal space for everyone. This is because there are various privacy things in it, both goods, or various matters relating to the privacy of the owner of the room. Because of that, many people think that a room is a separate area for those who cannot be interfered with by others.

However, from that too, a person will unconsciously do various things in his room to make his room look messy. Rooms that look messy will certainly create an atmosphere and a view that does not wear later. Therefore, here are some tips on ways that can help you to do room cleaning from your room.

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do

Take all the various objects on the floor

One of the favorite locations for placing various items is the floor. If you do not believe, just look at the condition of your room floor. There will be so many different types of goods later. The floor is certainly not the best place to put things. But some so many people do it for various reasons, one of which is because it is flexible and easily accessible whenever needed.

Therefore, first, you can take various items that are on the floor of your room. Separate and adjust to the category of goods, then place it in a storage or trash bag if it is not used anymore.

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do

Manage messy clothes

Clothing is one of the clothes that are there among the messy items in your room. Therefore, you also need to pay special attention to your clothes.

Separate and categorize according to the conditions. Put dirty clothes on the dirty clothes rack to wash. If it’s still clean, consider folding it or hanging it on a clothes hanger in your room.

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do

Trim various objects on the table

Finished doing these two things, then in the framework of this room cleaning activity, you can tidy up the table. Arrange or trim various objects on it. unite with the same type of position on the part that looks neat and does not disturb the view

Make the bed

After you get out of bed, your mattress can’t be in its original condition and fine, right? It must have been very chaotic because it might have been caused by the movement of your sleeping position

After doing various things that have been mentioned before, then you can then tidy up your bed. Tidy up or straighten the fabric so it looks nice to look at.

Sweep the room with a broom or a vacuum cleaner

Finally, in this room cleaning activity, you can do the closing action in the form of sweeping or vacuuming the dust in your room. Even though it’s invisible, it doesn’t mean your room isn’t free of dust. To look cleaner and maintain the health of your room, it is strongly recommended to do this as a closing action in cleaning your room.

5 Tips of Room Cleaning For Super Messy Room

5 Tips of Room

5 Tips of Room Cleaning For Super Messy Room. Are you sure you’re sleeping in a messy room? You should check the messy room because you often put bags, towels, and objects carelessly. Furthermore, if your room is narrow and gets clothes everywhere, it becomes a disease source. You must do room cleaning quickly for a super messy room. This is an important activity to do when you look at the messy room.

5 Tips of Room

5 Tips of Room

Putting Dirty Clothes in Its Place

The piled up clothes in the room corner is not a beautiful view. On another side, the dirty clothes will make your room a habitat for mosquitoes. To be an early step, you need to take all piled up clothes from the floor and bed. Then, you select the clothes that you want to wear or hang on. Meanwhile, for dirty clothes, you have to throw the clothes into a basket. The dirty clothes that you collect must be washed soon.

5 Tips of Room

5 Tips of Room

Selecting Objects Wisely 

The most common habit to do is throwing or putting objects in random places so that the decorative table looks full. The second trick to do is determining the chosen objects that you wear again and don’t want to wear them again. If you have selected, put, and arrange the desired objects and items tidily in the room. You need to categorize small and big objects such as bags, necklaces, and cosmetics. Meanwhile, the useless objects can be kept in the warehouse or given to the others. It becomes an easy way to room cleaning.

5 Tips of Room

5 Tips of Room

Throwing Rubbish 

What will you do next? Every day, you often comb your hair until your hair is falling on the floor. Even, you may eat and drink in the room. Those are making your room super messy. To make your room clean and hygienic, you can start to put rubbish in the right place. It is better that you have a rubbish box in the room. It is very helpful when you want to throw something. However, the rubbish box needs to be clean. Thus, you need to put it into a plastic bag in the size of your rubbish box. After that, you put the rubbish. The use of plastic trash makes the bottom part stay clean. It also protects from the wet rubbish. Your room is free of rubbish.

Benefiting Shelves and Organizer Box 

The main cause of the messy and narrow room is the habit of saving useless items and objects. Do you know it? The people always saving useless items have no obstacles like hoarding disorder. You need to avoid it now. Make sure that you handle your messy room by using shelves or organizer boxes. Then, you save your items based on the category. For example, beauty tools, jewelry, and other furniture items must be arranged orderly. The rest is arranging on the room shelves well. Meanwhile, to make it stay tidy, the small items must be saved on the special shelf after using it. By arranging it maximally, it is helpful to protect your lovely items from dirt and dust for room cleaning.

Room Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Your Bedroom

Room Cleaning Tips

Room Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Your Bedroom. Reading room cleaning tips will help you to know some important steps that you must do to clean your bedroom. Cleaning rooms can be done in a fast time when you understand what you must do first. You need to know some tools that you must prepare first so you can effectively clean all things. What you must do to clean your bedroom then? You can start to make a list of room cleaning tools to prepare.

Room Cleaning Tips

Room Cleaning Tips

Tools and Supplies to Prepare

Before you start cleaning your bedroom, you can prepare some tools such as:

– Vacuum cleaner

– Dusting supplies

– A broom

– An old pillowcase

– Window cleaner or wash rags

Step By Step to Clean Bedroom

First you need to take all things that don’t belong in the bedroom. You must throw the dirty clothes and then go to the laundry room. You need to clear all of the surface so all things will look neat.

Second, you need to take an old pillowcase and then start to dust your fan blades when you use a fan in your bedroom. For all of you who use ceiling light fixtures, you need to clean the light fixtures too. You can check all the ceilings and then clean from the spider webs.

Room Cleaning Tips

Room Cleaning Tips

Third, you need to start the laundry. What you need to do is strip your bed and then please make sure that you take all of the dirty laundry and start a load in the washer.

Fourth, by using a moist cloth, you need to wipe up dust and then you need to lock it away. You must clean all parts in your bedroom such as the tops of mirrors, top of the cupboards, and some accessories in the room. You can pay attention to the dresser tops and the nightstand too. If there are some windows in your bedroom, you need to clean the window by using a window cleaner.

After you prepare all the tools above you can start to clean your bedroom by simply following step by step here.

Fifth, pay attention to the flooring in your bedroom. Flooring plays an important role in the overall look in your bedroom. You need to know how to clean flooring based on the type of flooring. You need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean all things especially behind or under the bed. You need to pay attention to the furniture too. Vacuuming the mattress is also a very important task to do.

Room Cleaning Tips

Room Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the bedroom is important but making it look fresh can be done not only by cleaning the room. You need to make your bedroom look fresh by repainting or changing some furniture objects in your bedroom. You can search for something new so your room will not only look clean but it looks new too. When you are finished with all cleaning activities, what you need to do is set up all things so your room is looking better. You need to think about how to increase aesthetics in your bedroom.

Now, you can start to prepare all the room cleaning tools and start to clean your bedroom.

7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process. There are many cleaning agents out there that you can find easily and are sold freely in various stores, mini markets, and even supermarkets. However, this cleaning tool is usually a mixture of various chemicals so it is dangerous if you do not use it carefully.

The good news, you can still clean the room by using cleaning agents that are safe and do not contain chemicals. This cleaner is so you can make yourself at home too. The ingredients can be found easily in your kitchen. Curious what the ingredients are? Check out the review below.

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients


Vinegar from the past until now is believed to be a natural cleanser that is safe and also easy to make. Cleaners made from the vinegar can help you clean up the dirt on the floor, cupboards, refrigerators, and shelves that have narrow gaps.

Besides, vinegar can also help neutralize to eliminate unpleasant odors that are often in the refrigerator because of the items stored in it.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process

Baking soda

Next is baking soda. Usually, baking soda is used to clean certain areas of the house. Like the frames on the windows and the furniture in the house. Interestingly, you can also use this baking soda to deal with pipes in your house that are clogged.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process


Lime is known to have very high acids. This acid can be used by you to clean various stubborn stains. Usually, a collection of stubborn stains will be found on the clothes, shoes, plates, or floors in the bathroom.

Tomato sauce

You can also use tomato sauce as a cleaning agent in addition to being a friend when you eat. The acidic nature of tomato sauce is considered effective in cleaning various metal objects and furniture at home. Cookware in the kitchen there is a crust? Just rely on tomato sauce to clean it.


Borax is a natural mineral that is often used as an additive in washing clothes. Is often used to remove stains and is also a substitute for bleach in washing clothes. Even so, borax is not recommended for consumption.


Salt can also be used as baking soda. Because of that salt is often considered as an alternative to baking soda. Salt is considered to have abrasive properties so it is best used to clean objects that are cleaned by rubbing.

Besides, salt can also be used to remove rust on the surface of objects, mold, and also helps polish the surface of metal and copper objects.

Hydrogen peroxide

This material is often used for disinfectants. Therefore this material is also known to clean various stains. Because it’s easy to get and sell in some stores, you can easily make a cleaning liquid using this material at home later.

Even so, it is advisable to keep abreast of existing guidelines to avoid various undesirable things later.


Here are some ingredients that you can use to make cleaning fluid easily and safely for you to use in your home later. Even so, it still prioritizes safety in the process of making and using it later.

How to Do Room Cleaning in Simple and Efficient Steps

How to Do Room

How to Do Room Cleaning in Simple and Efficient Steps. Are you sick and tired of having to do room cleaning? Yes, cleaning your bedroom can be a very tricky thing, especially if you have not cleaned it for a whole month. There is a clutter of stuff lying around that you do not even know how to clean.

But we cannot deny that tidying up your bedroom is important. That is the room where you are going to rest and fall asleep. And you certainly do not want that room to look like it has been lived by a bear, do you? Well, luckily for you, we are going to tell you a simple step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your bedroom. If you clean it the right way, rest assured you will have a clean and tidy bedroom in no time.

How to Do Room

How to Do Room

Step One: Declutter

The first step is to declutter. Clutters can make a mess in your room. That is why you need to quickly get rid of them. Throw away stuff that does not belong in your bedroom. This will instantly make your bedroom tidier. You will be surprised at how much space you have in your bedroom without all of those cluttering things.

How to Do Room

How to Do Room

Step Two: Dusting

The second thing that you need to do is to clean any dust in your bedroom. While you are at it, you can also clean any spider web that you might find in the deep dark corners of your room. You must do this step before you change your bed sheets or pillowcases. That way, the dust will fall onto the dirty sheets instead of your clean new sheets. Is this not a very useful room cleaning tip to know?

How to Do Room

How to Do Room

Step Three: Laundry

Now that the dust is all gone, you can start taking off your bed sheets and pillowcases and throw them into the washer. Start the washer and let it do its job. You can do other things while it turns your bedsheets into soft and clean bedsheets.

Step Four: Vacuum Away

Now is the best time to vacuum your room. If you have a carpet in your bedroom, this step is even more important. Carpets will often collect dust, which can be kind of icky. That is why vacuuming your bedroom is very important. You also have to remember to vacuum the forgotten places in your bedroom, such as the area under the bed or behind your bedroom furniture. You can even vacuum the mattress if you feel like it is necessary.

Step Five: Make Your Bed

Once your bed sheets are clean and dry, all you need to do next is to make your bed. Because your room is already clean and dust-free, you do not have to worry about ruining your clean bedsheets anymore. All you need to do next is relax and reward yourself for doing such a great job at cleaning your bedroom.


Cleaning your bedroom can be a tough job. However, with the help of these simple room cleaning steps, you will have a clean and tidy bedroom immediately.

7 Important Cleaning Tools You Must Have

Important Cleaning Tools

There are 7 important room cleaning tools that you must have in your home. Having cleaning tools is an investment for you because you can keep your home in clean condition and you don’t need to waste more money to buy the new cleaning tools. In this modern time, there are some people who use cleaning services to help them in cleaning their homes. It makes you pay a higher price for their service. For all of you who want to clean your home and you need to prepare room cleaning tools, you can check the tool list below.

Buy A Good Sponge

There are some kinds of sponge in some stores. You can find sponge cloths, spaghetti sponges or silicone sponges to clean dirty surfaces.

Buy A Good Sponge

Buy A Good Sponge

Prepare White Towels

You can buy white towels to clean all surfaces. If you want to save more money you can be creative. What you need to do is cut your old t-shirt.

Microfiber Cloths

In order to boost your power in the cleaning room, you can use microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloth can get the surface clean even when you use little water. A wet microfiber cloth holds dust. It is a good tool to clean some appliances. You can use it to polish tile or glass.

An Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

For all of you who want to clean flooring in the maximum way, you can use a stick or hand vacuum. It is easy to carry to all places and there are some benefits that you will get when you use it such as:

– Help to make your mattress fresh and it keeps your car interior looks good.

– Help you to clean your kitchen

– Help you to clean the home’s entrance mats in a fast time.

Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Extension Dusting Kit

For all of you who want to clean the ceiling or walls you will need to have an extension dusting kit. It helps you to reduce the indoor allergies. This kit will make all your job easy even if you need to clean the higher part of your home. It is effective to clean a chandelier, tops of the kitchen cupboards, light fixtures, and some other things. It is easy to clean this kit and store it.

A Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

The next tool that you must have to clean your room is a ceiling fan cleaning brush. You can buy ceiling fan dusters in an easy way when you go to some stores. Some people find difficulties cleaning their ceiling fan and by using a cleaning brush that is made special for a ceiling fan you can clean it in an ineffective way and of course, you will get the maximum function of a fan for your room. You can prepare spray bottles too. It is an effective way to train pets to stay off from the furniture or to mist clothing before ironing too.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

A Scrub Brush

The last thing that you must have when you want to clean your home is a scrub brush. There are some functions of a scrub brush such as clean garbage cans, clean flower pots, clean garden tools, get tough stains off your car mats, clean cement patios, and some other things.

It is time for you to prepare all the essential room cleaning tools at your home now.