How to Do Room Cleaning in Simple and Efficient Steps

How to Do Room

How to Do Room Cleaning in Simple and Efficient Steps. Are you sick and tired of having to do room cleaning? Yes, cleaning your bedroom can be a very tricky thing, especially if you have not cleaned it for a whole month. There is a clutter of stuff lying around that you do not even know how to clean.

But we cannot deny that tidying up your bedroom is important. That is the room where you are going to rest and fall asleep. And you certainly do not want that room to look like it has been lived by a bear, do you? Well, luckily for you, we are going to tell you a simple step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your bedroom. If you clean it the right way, rest assured you will have a clean and tidy bedroom in no time.

How to Do Room

How to Do Room

Step One: Declutter

The first step is to declutter. Clutters can make a mess in your room. That is why you need to quickly get rid of them. Throw away stuff that does not belong in your bedroom. This will instantly make your bedroom tidier. You will be surprised at how much space you have in your bedroom without all of those cluttering things.

How to Do Room

How to Do Room

Step Two: Dusting

The second thing that you need to do is to clean any dust in your bedroom. While you are at it, you can also clean any spider web that you might find in the deep dark corners of your room. You must do this step before you change your bed sheets or pillowcases. That way, the dust will fall onto the dirty sheets instead of your clean new sheets. Is this not a very useful room cleaning tip to know?

How to Do Room

How to Do Room

Step Three: Laundry

Now that the dust is all gone, you can start taking off your bed sheets and pillowcases and throw them into the washer. Start the washer and let it do its job. You can do other things while it turns your bedsheets into soft and clean bedsheets.

Step Four: Vacuum Away

Now is the best time to vacuum your room. If you have a carpet in your bedroom, this step is even more important. Carpets will often collect dust, which can be kind of icky. That is why vacuuming your bedroom is very important. You also have to remember to vacuum the forgotten places in your bedroom, such as the area under the bed or behind your bedroom furniture. You can even vacuum the mattress if you feel like it is necessary.

Step Five: Make Your Bed

Once your bed sheets are clean and dry, all you need to do next is to make your bed. Because your room is already clean and dust-free, you do not have to worry about ruining your clean bedsheets anymore. All you need to do next is relax and reward yourself for doing such a great job at cleaning your bedroom.


Cleaning your bedroom can be a tough job. However, with the help of these simple room cleaning steps, you will have a clean and tidy bedroom immediately.

7 Important Cleaning Tools You Must Have

Important Cleaning Tools

There are 7 important room cleaning tools that you must have in your home. Having cleaning tools is an investment for you because you can keep your home in clean condition and you don’t need to waste more money to buy the new cleaning tools. In this modern time, there are some people who use cleaning services to help them in cleaning their homes. It makes you pay a higher price for their service. For all of you who want to clean your home and you need to prepare room cleaning tools, you can check the tool list below.

Buy A Good Sponge

There are some kinds of sponge in some stores. You can find sponge cloths, spaghetti sponges or silicone sponges to clean dirty surfaces.

Buy A Good Sponge

Buy A Good Sponge

Prepare White Towels

You can buy white towels to clean all surfaces. If you want to save more money you can be creative. What you need to do is cut your old t-shirt.

Microfiber Cloths

In order to boost your power in the cleaning room, you can use microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloth can get the surface clean even when you use little water. A wet microfiber cloth holds dust. It is a good tool to clean some appliances. You can use it to polish tile or glass.

An Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

For all of you who want to clean flooring in the maximum way, you can use a stick or hand vacuum. It is easy to carry to all places and there are some benefits that you will get when you use it such as:

– Help to make your mattress fresh and it keeps your car interior looks good.

– Help you to clean your kitchen

– Help you to clean the home’s entrance mats in a fast time.

Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Extension Dusting Kit

For all of you who want to clean the ceiling or walls you will need to have an extension dusting kit. It helps you to reduce the indoor allergies. This kit will make all your job easy even if you need to clean the higher part of your home. It is effective to clean a chandelier, tops of the kitchen cupboards, light fixtures, and some other things. It is easy to clean this kit and store it.

A Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

The next tool that you must have to clean your room is a ceiling fan cleaning brush. You can buy ceiling fan dusters in an easy way when you go to some stores. Some people find difficulties cleaning their ceiling fan and by using a cleaning brush that is made special for a ceiling fan you can clean it in an ineffective way and of course, you will get the maximum function of a fan for your room. You can prepare spray bottles too. It is an effective way to train pets to stay off from the furniture or to mist clothing before ironing too.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

A Scrub Brush

The last thing that you must have when you want to clean your home is a scrub brush. There are some functions of a scrub brush such as clean garbage cans, clean flower pots, clean garden tools, get tough stains off your car mats, clean cement patios, and some other things.

It is time for you to prepare all the essential room cleaning tools at your home now.

What You Need To Know About Proper Room Cleaning

Falling into bad habits such as leaving dirty dishes in the sinks, or rarely washing pillow case is quite easy. In fact, it is what majority of people do. Keep your house clean is necessary but sometimes it is hard to keep motivated to do so. It is worse when you are busy playing poker and out of your house most of the time.

proper room cleaning

You don’t have enough time to do the proper cleaning. If you are living alone, this might not be a big deal. However, it will become a big deal when you live with your families consisted of kids particularly. They are more prone to germs, viruses and bacteria so there is no compromise when it comes to keeping house clean.

Here are several tips to clean your home properly:

Prepare two trash bags. One is black and another is transparent. The black bag is for trash such as cans, plastic, or food remains. The transparent bag is for linens. Separating different trash that cause your room in a mess may look simple. However, it is not that simple especially when you also have many things piled up. It may take thirty to forty five minutes to finish collecting and sorting out trash.

proper room cleaning

For efficient room cleaning, do it from the back of the room to the front. It sounds like common sense but there are lots of people who don’t know this simple tips. This procedure is important so that you won’t track germs and dirt back into the areas you have already cleaned. You can start from the bathroom.

Then, make the bed, dust the the room, vacuum, and mop your way out of the room. Also, make sure to use the right cleaning products to disinfect the room especially bathroom. Making bathroom as your starter has a reason. It is the place that takes most of your cleaning time so you have to get it over with.

Room cleaning service is what you can use to keep your house or apartment clean. There are wide variety of room cleaning companies offering cleaning services in many options. Some of them can be hired under contract while others can be hired for occasional times. You can choose what you prefer.

Cleaning your house by yourself is also possible and it is more cost-efficient since you don’t have to pay for the service. However, you have to make sure that you do proper cleaning.

Find Out Room Cleaning Hacks

cleaning hacks

Room cleaning is one of responsibilities that room attendants should fulfill. Room attendants usually work in a hotel to give cleaning services to every room. They have experience in cleaning room in various states of mess. Thus, it is great to know some hacks of room cleaning from room attendants who have experienced in working at hotel. You can try these hacks while cleaning your own room so you can finish it quickly and perfectly like professional.

cleaning hacks

cleaning hacks

Room cleaning hacks from professional

Cleaning your own room can be the hardest thing to do for some people because it takes time and nobody wants to deal with a mess or dirt. However, you can try these room cleaning hacks from professional to make the process more efficient:

Always start from the back of the room to the front when cleaning a room. This is important because you don’t want to transfer back dirt and germs into the areas you have already cleaned. You also don’t want to step on wet floors by going back and forth. Thus, cleaning the room this way is more efficient. Also, it is important to start from the dirtiest areas such as bathroom because they take more time to clean.

cleaning hacks

cleaning hacks

Cleaning the bathroom can be the most difficult thing. However, you will get used to it. To make the process more efficient, clean the toilet first then move to cleaning mirrors, shower walls, and sink. To make it faster, use your right hand to rub in cleaning products. Then, use your left hand to dry it off using a rag. This way, you can work faster than you thought.

You can deal with wrinkled linens quickly without using an iron or steamer. You can just use a spray bottle of water. First, make the bed and spritz the water across it. Next, shake the top layer until all wrinkles disappear.

cleaning hacks

Cleaning your room means you make sure that everything is clean. You also need to display everything properly for more comfort to enjoy playing at The way you place pillow, cushion, or other elements in the room should in in a good display. The right way to make good display of the room is by putting the pillows in standing position straight on the bed.

It is also applied to cushion. You have to press them flat on the sofa to make good display of neat and clean room. These hacks are simple but useful for efficient room cleaning.

Do Your Own Room Cleaning Like A Pro

own room cleaning

Room cleaning is not an easy thing to do that’s why every hotel hire professional room attendants to make sure all room are clean and in good condition. It is also a task that takes time so it is often for people to skip the process.

However, room cleaning is important to not put your health at risk. Piled up germs and dust can lead to sickness. Cleanliness is crucial for healthy, comfortable living and winning at You can learn to do room cleaning like a pro by following these tips:

own room cleaning

own room cleaning

Schedule your cleaning plan. This way, there is no chance for you to forget or purposely skip it. If you are not a typical messy person, you might not need to clean your room too often.

Just basic cleaning and organizing things will be enough. It is different if you do many things in your room including eating, working on projects, watching TV, etc. You need to clean your room regularly.

Room cleaning process won’t be too hard to do if you have motivation to do so. Thus, find your own motivation to clean room happily and comfortably. Such as wearing comfortable clothes, playing energizing music, or rewarding yourself to a treat afterward.

Proper Tools and Products

Use proper tool and products to clean your room. Remember that your room might contain bacteria, germs, and viruses that can harm your health. Thus, you need to clean your room properly with sufficient tool. Vacuum is necessary.

You also need cloths to wipe down and rub into furniture during room cleaning. Make sure to use the right cleaning products to clean germs and allergens properly.

own room cleaning

Try some hacks to make room cleaning process more efficient. For example, start your cleaning process from the very back of the room to the front. You can also start from the bathroom since it is the area that need to be attended to the most. When you dust your room, start from the very top to the very bottom of the area/items.

You can also try a simple trick for room cleaning like a pro does such as using the both of your hands. This can be done while you wiping down surfaces like mirrors or windows. Hold a wet rug with your right hands and wipe down the surfaces. Then, hold dry rug with your left hand to dry it off. Both hands are working at the same time so the process can be finished quickly.

Tips for Efficient Room Cleaning

5 Ways to Do

Cleaning your room regularly is a must to prevent from sickness such as cold, cough, or flu. Those are the most common sicknesses caused by germs, bacteria, or virus. Your home is prone to those agents if you don’t clean it regularly. Aside from self-hygiene such as washing your hands, cleaning your house regularly is also necessary as preventive action.

efficient room cleaning

efficient room cleaning

You can clean your home yourself or hire professional cleaning service. If you tend to be out of your home and don’t have proper time to clean your house, you can hire professional cleaning company. You can hire them occasionally or by contract. If you tend to be at home most of the time and playing poker at, you can clean your home by yourself.

Efficient room cleaning

Cleaning can be fun and disturbing at the same time. It is fun because sometimes it can be relaxing and make you forget all your stress for a while. However, it can also be disturbing especially when you have to deal with pile of mess. Here are tips for efficient self-room cleaning:

efficient room cleaning

efficient room cleaning

Before doing anything, put everything that makes your room a mess into a bag or box. Make sure to be meticulous in collecting those piles including things hidden underneath your bed or behind a rack. Then, divide the mess into different piles. For example, separate trash from clothes, or toys. Then, clean up the trash piles. Make sure to throw everything you won’t use anymore.

Next step is to tidy up the room properly started from the bed. Collect clothes spread on your bed and separate clean and dirty clothes. Put your clean clothes into the closet and put away the dirty ones into a hamper or basket. Make sure to tidy up your bed as nice as possible.

Next is to vacuum, sweep, and mop the room. Move the furniture to give you more space doing your work properly. It is highly recommended to use the right cleaning products that can help you reduce bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

efficient room cleaning

efficient room cleaning

During your cleaning time, make sure to open the window and door to air it out properly. You can clean your window next. You can use soft cloth to wipe down the windows as well as other furniture.

To make the cleaning process more fun, play some music from your phone. It will make you more motivated to clean the room. Therefore, the cleaning process won’t be as burdensome as you thought initially.

Why Choose Professional Room Cleaning Service

7 Ingredients in

When you live in a house or apartment, you need to keep them clean for the sake of your health. Cleanliness brings comfort because you will feel disturbed when you are living in a messy, dirty house. Cleanliness and hygiene are especially important when you live with your family.

Dirty homes will only put your families’ health in jeopardy because virus and bacteria will be everywhere. Therefore, cleaning your house regularly is a must. Keeping them clean is not that hard especially if your house doesn’t have too large space. However, it can be difficult to make cleaning plan when you are busy or the house you are living in is too big for you to clean by yourself. Therefore, you need to hire professional room cleaning service. It cost higher than when you clean it yourself but it’s worth it.

profesional room cleaning service

profesional room cleaning service

There are several benefits you can get by hiring professional room cleaning service, such as:

Professional cleaning companies hire professional workers who know what they have to do to clean the room properly. They know how to clean the room efficiently and perfectly and not to leave any spot. They are more meticulous because they have the knowledge of how to do the cleaning properly. They are also usually experienced workers who have worked for years cleaning different houses and apartments. Thus, they know in and out of cleaning.

profesional room cleaning service

profesional room cleaning service


Hiring cleaning service is also more efficient. They work efficiently because they practice it for years. They know how to do it quickly and properly without distraction. If you do it yourself, you might waste time especially when you are easily distracted by things such as phone calls, texts, etc. professional cleaning service efficiently so it’s worth your money.

Professional cleaning service also know how to clean properly. They clean the room and every single thing in your home or apartments to not only make them spotless but also to make remove allergens, bacteria, as well as other germs that have potential to put your health at risk.

Keep in mind that sickness are spread from those germs, virus, and bacteria. One of the most common illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, and germs at home is cold. Kids are the most prone to this sickness. Professional cleaning service have necessary materials and tools to do it properly. Therefore, hiring one of them is the right decision you take to make sure that your home is cleaned perfectly.