Do Your Own Room Cleaning Like A Pro

Room cleaning is not an easy thing to do that’s why every hotel hire professional room attendants to make sure all room are clean and in good condition. It is also a task that takes time so it is often for people to skip the process.

However, room cleaning is important to not put your health at risk. Piled up germs and dust can lead to sickness. Cleanliness is crucial for healthy, comfortable living and winning at You can learn to do room cleaning like a pro by following these tips:

own room cleaning

own room cleaning

Schedule your cleaning plan. This way, there is no chance for you to forget or purposely skip it. If you are not a typical messy person, you might not need to clean your room too often.

Just basic cleaning and organizing things will be enough. It is different if you do many things in your room including eating, working on projects, watching TV, etc. You need to clean your room regularly.

Room cleaning process won’t be too hard to do if you have motivation to do so. Thus, find your own motivation to clean room happily and comfortably. Such as wearing comfortable clothes, playing energizing music, or rewarding yourself to a treat afterward.

Proper Tools and Products

Use proper tool and products to clean your room. Remember that your room might contain bacteria, germs, and viruses that can harm your health. Thus, you need to clean your room properly with sufficient tool. Vacuum is necessary.

You also need cloths to wipe down and rub into furniture during room cleaning. Make sure to use the right cleaning products to clean germs and allergens properly.

own room cleaning

Try some hacks to make room cleaning process more efficient. For example, start your cleaning process from the very back of the room to the front. You can also start from the bathroom since it is the area that need to be attended to the most. When you dust your room, start from the very top to the very bottom of the area/items.

You can also try a simple trick for room cleaning like a pro does such as using the both of your hands. This can be done while you wiping down surfaces like mirrors or windows. Hold a wet rug with your right hands and wipe down the surfaces. Then, hold dry rug with your left hand to dry it off. Both hands are working at the same time so the process can be finished quickly.

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