Keep Your Room Clean and Safe

Keep Your Room Clean

Keep Your Room Clean and Safe

Keep Your Room Clean

Keep Your Room Clean and Safe, cleaning the room for some people is the laziest and tiring thing, right? But it must be clean because we live, sleep and do many things in the room. Can you imagine if your room is full of dirty clothes, used snacks that you don’t eat up? Anyway, it’s a dirty environment. Ask this question; how can you maintain your health and safety if you are a lazy person and don’t care to clean the room? Especially if you’re electronic goods are expensive and need to be cared for frequently. You have to tidy up the electrical things in your room.

Like it or not, we have to maintain health and safety. One of the ways is by keeping the house clean and tidy. The home environment around us should also be a comfortable place for us to live in and play below are some tips that you can do before cleaning your room and electric furniture.

Maintain Health and Safety

  1. Gather your intention and motivation. Cleaning the rooms does require strong motivation and will. It will be another story if you have a maid who will clean your room every day. If you still live with your parents, maybe your parents will clean up. But if you live alone, then it is important to clean your room seriously.
  2. If you are a busy person. You maybe work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You do not have time every day to clean the rooms in your house. Make sure you create a cleaning schedule that you must adhere. The electrical cables which messy certainly also dangerous for you.
  3. Choose the items that you no longer use. You can be thrown it away or if they are still feasible you can donate to those who are in need. For example, your used clothes are still in good condition or books that you have finished reading. These items will be more useful if you give them to other people.
  4. Separate perishable items like your snacks from your electrical things. Keep it in a closed container and make sure no mice or ants can pick it up. Do not left scatter on the floor of your room. The leftovers will make your room be a nest of germs and even worse, destructive by mice or ants.
  5. Know a better idea? Yes, you can do sales of your used goods. You can sell it online or on your home page. You can hold a garage sale. For example, your electric kettle is still good but you don’t like it anymore. You can sell it.
  6. Do not forget the clothes behind the door or hanging in the cupboard and it is still dirty. You can get skin disease if you wear dirty clothes. And it is a big no for leaving used dishes or dirty glasses in the room, especially near an electric contact that is always installed.

Last, let’s make a clean lifestyle your lifestyle. Clean your room, straighten your power cord. Stay safe.

Cleaning Your House Perfectly with These 5 Equipments

Cleaning Your House Perfectly

Cleaning Your House Perfectly with These 5 Equipments

Cleaning Your House Perfectly

Cleaning Your House Perfectly with These 5 Equipments. Cleaning the house has become a daily routine. Of course there are some people who choose to clean their homes occasionally. However, all of them have the same goal, their living quarters to be clean and comfortable to live in.

To clean up our living space, there are several pieces of equipment that can certainly help ease our work. This is because it is impossible to clean a room without the help of household appliances at all. So to get maximum results when cleaning all the rooms in your house or apartment, you need a number of tools that will help you

There Are 5 Equipments

You probably already understand how to clean the house. But maybe you still find it difficult to determine what kind of cleaning tool equipment that should be owned. At least, there are 5 equipments that you must have to clean your house or where you live. What are those?

  1. Brooms and mops

You could say a broom and floor are the two main equipments for cleaning your house or apartment. The function of these equipments is to clean the floor of the house or apartment. You can use a broom to clean the floor from large trash. Then for maximum results, you can use a mop to clean the room.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner is also a cleaning tool that should be in your home. In modern society that needs practical and fast cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaners are a lifesaver. You can clean up a room quickly and easily with this tool. This equipment is perfect for floors that are often covered with carpets. If you need more sophisticated cleaning equipment, you can choose a robot vacuum cleaner. This flat, round-shaped tool can be adjusted to move on its own, and clears hard-to-reach parts of the room.

  1. Duster

Duster becomes an important part of cleaning the room. You can use a cloth or microfiber which can be used to clean furniture that is exposed to dust or wet and damp. It is recommended that you choose a duster or microfiber which is made of thick cloth so that it is easy to absorb liquid. Choose one that has a smooth material so it doesn’t scratch the surface of your furniture.

  1. Brush

A brush made of coarse and slightly hard material is useful for cleaning up stubborn dirt on the floor or walls of the room. If the floors or walls of the rooms in your house have stains and scale that are difficult to remove, use a brush like this one to clean them. Because it is made of tougher fiber brush will help you clean the stain more easily.

  1. Cleaning fluid

Cleaning fluid is a must have in every home. You need to know that there are so many chemical cleaning fluids that are commonly used to clean rooms in the house with different functions and uses. Be careful to store this cleaning fluid, and make sure it is not easily accessible by children

Now that you know the five equipments for cleaning a room, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to clean the house.

7 Important Cleaning Tools You Must Have

Important Cleaning Tools

There are 7 important room cleaning tools that you must have in your home. Having cleaning tools is an investment for you because you can keep your home in clean condition and you don’t need to waste more money to buy the new cleaning tools. In this modern time, there are some people who use cleaning services to help them in cleaning their homes. It makes you pay a higher price for their service. For all of you who want to clean your home and you need to prepare room cleaning tools, you can check the tool list below.

Buy A Good Sponge

There are some kinds of sponge in some stores. You can find sponge cloths, spaghetti sponges or silicone sponges to clean dirty surfaces.

Buy A Good Sponge

Buy A Good Sponge

Prepare White Towels

You can buy white towels to clean all surfaces. If you want to save more money you can be creative. What you need to do is cut your old t-shirt.

Microfiber Cloths

In order to boost your power in the cleaning room, you can use microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloth can get the surface clean even when you use little water. A wet microfiber cloth holds dust. It is a good tool to clean some appliances. You can use it to polish tile or glass.

An Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

For all of you who want to clean flooring in the maximum way, you can use a stick or hand vacuum. It is easy to carry to all places and there are some benefits that you will get when you use it such as:

– Help to make your mattress fresh and it keeps your car interior looks good.

– Help you to clean your kitchen

– Help you to clean the home’s entrance mats in a fast time.

Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Adaptable Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Extension Dusting Kit

For all of you who want to clean the ceiling or walls you will need to have an extension dusting kit. It helps you to reduce the indoor allergies. This kit will make all your job easy even if you need to clean the higher part of your home. It is effective to clean a chandelier, tops of the kitchen cupboards, light fixtures, and some other things. It is easy to clean this kit and store it.

A Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

The next tool that you must have to clean your room is a ceiling fan cleaning brush. You can buy ceiling fan dusters in an easy way when you go to some stores. Some people find difficulties cleaning their ceiling fan and by using a cleaning brush that is made special for a ceiling fan you can clean it in an ineffective way and of course, you will get the maximum function of a fan for your room. You can prepare spray bottles too. It is an effective way to train pets to stay off from the furniture or to mist clothing before ironing too.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Brush

A Scrub Brush

The last thing that you must have when you want to clean your home is a scrub brush. There are some functions of a scrub brush such as clean garbage cans, clean flower pots, clean garden tools, get tough stains off your car mats, clean cement patios, and some other things.

It is time for you to prepare all the essential room cleaning tools at your home now.