7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process. There are many cleaning agents out there that you can find easily and are sold freely in various stores, mini markets, and even supermarkets. However, this cleaning tool is usually a mixture of various chemicals so it is dangerous if you do not use it carefully.

The good news, you can still clean the room by using cleaning agents that are safe and do not contain chemicals. This cleaner is so you can make yourself at home too. The ingredients can be found easily in your kitchen. Curious what the ingredients are? Check out the review below.

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients


Vinegar from the past until now is believed to be a natural cleanser that is safe and also easy to make. Cleaners made from the vinegar can help you clean up the dirt on the floor, cupboards, refrigerators, and shelves that have narrow gaps.

Besides, vinegar can also help neutralize to eliminate unpleasant odors that are often in the refrigerator because of the items stored in it.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process

Baking soda

Next is baking soda. Usually, baking soda is used to clean certain areas of the house. Like the frames on the windows and the furniture in the house. Interestingly, you can also use this baking soda to deal with pipes in your house that are clogged.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process


Lime is known to have very high acids. This acid can be used by you to clean various stubborn stains. Usually, a collection of stubborn stains will be found on the clothes, shoes, plates, or floors in the bathroom.

Tomato sauce

You can also use tomato sauce as a cleaning agent in addition to being a friend when you eat. The acidic nature of tomato sauce is considered effective in cleaning various metal objects and furniture at home. Cookware in the kitchen there is a crust? Just rely on tomato sauce to clean it.


Borax is a natural mineral that is often used as an additive in washing clothes. Is often used to remove stains and is also a substitute for bleach in washing clothes. Even so, borax is not recommended for consumption.


Salt can also be used as baking soda. Because of that salt is often considered as an alternative to baking soda. Salt is considered to have abrasive properties so it is best used to clean objects that are cleaned by rubbing.

Besides, salt can also be used to remove rust on the surface of objects, mold, and also helps polish the surface of metal and copper objects.

Hydrogen peroxide

This material is often used for disinfectants. Therefore this material is also known to clean various stains. Because it’s easy to get and sell in some stores, you can easily make a cleaning liquid using this material at home later.

Even so, it is advisable to keep abreast of existing guidelines to avoid various undesirable things later.


Here are some ingredients that you can use to make cleaning fluid easily and safely for you to use in your home later. Even so, it still prioritizes safety in the process of making and using it later.

Find Out Room Cleaning Hacks

cleaning hacks

Room cleaning is one of responsibilities that room attendants should fulfill. Room attendants usually work in a hotel to give cleaning services to every room. They have experience in cleaning room in various states of mess. Thus, it is great to know some hacks of room cleaning from room attendants who have experienced in working at hotel. You can try these hacks while cleaning your own room so you can finish it quickly and perfectly like professional.

cleaning hacks

cleaning hacks

Room cleaning hacks from professional

Cleaning your own room can be the hardest thing to do for some people because it takes time and nobody wants to deal with a mess or dirt. However, you can try these room cleaning hacks from professional to make the process more efficient:

Always start from the back of the room to the front when cleaning a room. This is important because you don’t want to transfer back dirt and germs into the areas you have already cleaned. You also don’t want to step on wet floors by going back and forth. Thus, cleaning the room this way is more efficient. Also, it is important to start from the dirtiest areas such as bathroom because they take more time to clean.

cleaning hacks

cleaning hacks

Cleaning the bathroom can be the most difficult thing. However, you will get used to it. To make the process more efficient, clean the toilet first then move to cleaning mirrors, shower walls, and sink. To make it faster, use your right hand to rub in cleaning products. Then, use your left hand to dry it off using a rag. This way, you can work faster than you thought.

You can deal with wrinkled linens quickly without using an iron or steamer. You can just use a spray bottle of water. First, make the bed and spritz the water across it. Next, shake the top layer until all wrinkles disappear.

cleaning hacks

Cleaning your room means you make sure that everything is clean. You also need to display everything properly for more comfort to enjoy playing at The way you place pillow, cushion, or other elements in the room should in in a good display. The right way to make good display of the room is by putting the pillows in standing position straight on the bed.

It is also applied to cushion. You have to press them flat on the sofa to make good display of neat and clean room. These hacks are simple but useful for efficient room cleaning.