7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process. There are many cleaning agents out there that you can find easily and are sold freely in various stores, mini markets, and even supermarkets. However, this cleaning tool is usually a mixture of various chemicals so it is dangerous if you do not use it carefully.

The good news, you can still clean the room by using cleaning agents that are safe and do not contain chemicals. This cleaner is so you can make yourself at home too. The ingredients can be found easily in your kitchen. Curious what the ingredients are? Check out the review below.

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients


Vinegar from the past until now is believed to be a natural cleanser that is safe and also easy to make. Cleaners made from the vinegar can help you clean up the dirt on the floor, cupboards, refrigerators, and shelves that have narrow gaps.

Besides, vinegar can also help neutralize to eliminate unpleasant odors that are often in the refrigerator because of the items stored in it.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process

Baking soda

Next is baking soda. Usually, baking soda is used to clean certain areas of the house. Like the frames on the windows and the furniture in the house. Interestingly, you can also use this baking soda to deal with pipes in your house that are clogged.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process


Lime is known to have very high acids. This acid can be used by you to clean various stubborn stains. Usually, a collection of stubborn stains will be found on the clothes, shoes, plates, or floors in the bathroom.

Tomato sauce

You can also use tomato sauce as a cleaning agent in addition to being a friend when you eat. The acidic nature of tomato sauce is considered effective in cleaning various metal objects and furniture at home. Cookware in the kitchen there is a crust? Just rely on tomato sauce to clean it.


Borax is a natural mineral that is often used as an additive in washing clothes. Is often used to remove stains and is also a substitute for bleach in washing clothes. Even so, borax is not recommended for consumption.


Salt can also be used as baking soda. Because of that salt is often considered as an alternative to baking soda. Salt is considered to have abrasive properties so it is best used to clean objects that are cleaned by rubbing.

Besides, salt can also be used to remove rust on the surface of objects, mold, and also helps polish the surface of metal and copper objects.

Hydrogen peroxide

This material is often used for disinfectants. Therefore this material is also known to clean various stains. Because it’s easy to get and sell in some stores, you can easily make a cleaning liquid using this material at home later.

Even so, it is advisable to keep abreast of existing guidelines to avoid various undesirable things later.


Here are some ingredients that you can use to make cleaning fluid easily and safely for you to use in your home later. Even so, it still prioritizes safety in the process of making and using it later.

Room Cleaning Service At Hotel

Room cleaning is one of the services provided by hotel. Regular cleaning is what a hotel provide to make sure that every guest will be comfortable during their stay. The one who are responsible for room cleaning is room attendants. Every hotel hire room attendants depending on how large the hotel is. The larger the hotel, the more they need room attendants. They have other responsibilities aside from room cleaning such as hotel room bedding, bathroom cleaning, and other duties.

room cleaning service

room cleaning service

As for room cleaning at hotel, room attendants have limited time to do it. Every hotel has their own standard of the level of the quality of cleaning. However, there are slightly differences between room cleaning procedures in high-end hotels and regular ones. The high-end hotels usually apply several procedures such as vacuuming the floor, dusting the surfaces, emptying garbage, tidying items on desk, cleaning the furniture, as well as wiping down mirrors and windows.

High End Hotels

It is quite difficult to spare time to clean the room yourself. What you can do is tidying up the room to reduce the mess. However, the responsibility to clean the room lies to the hotel. They provide room cleaning service to make sure you stay comfortably. However, it is also common to give some tips to the room attendants. Every country may have different standards in giving tips. In high-end hotels, the recommended tips is around $5 per night.

room cleaning service

room cleaning service

Meanwhile, it is around $2 to $3 in average hotels. If you stay in the hotel room with friends or families, you may need to give the room attendants higher tips to thank them. The more people stay in the room, the bigger the mess they should handle. Thus, it is only common to higher the rate.

High-end hotels usually hire professional cleaning companies under contract. This results in long-term partnerships. Contractual cleaning service is also fit for homeowners who need regular cleaning for their house or apartments. It is beneficial to hire professional cleaning service because they know what to do to for proper cleaning.

room cleaning service

They also know how to reduce bacteria and germs that often become the cause of sickness. They usually use sufficient products and tools to make sure they do the cleaning well. Cleanliness is important part in our life because it is directly related to our own health. By keeping the place we are living in clean, we prevent sickness from spreading.