5 Ways to Do Room Cleaning So That Your Room Looks Clean

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do Room Cleaning So That Your Room Looks Clean. Room space is a personal space for everyone. This is because there are various privacy things in it, both goods, or various matters relating to the privacy of the owner of the room. Because of that, many people think that a room is a separate area for those who cannot be interfered with by others.

However, from that too, a person will unconsciously do various things in his room to make his room look messy. Rooms that look messy will certainly create an atmosphere and a view that does not wear later. Therefore, here are some tips on ways that can help you to do room cleaning from your room.

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do

Take all the various objects on the floor

One of the favorite locations for placing various items is the floor. If you do not believe, just look at the condition of your room floor. There will be so many different types of goods later. The floor is certainly not the best place to put things. But some so many people do it for various reasons, one of which is because it is flexible and easily accessible whenever needed.

Therefore, first, you can take various items that are on the floor of your room. Separate and adjust to the category of goods, then place it in a storage or trash bag if it is not used anymore.

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do

Manage messy clothes

Clothing is one of the clothes that are there among the messy items in your room. Therefore, you also need to pay special attention to your clothes.

Separate and categorize according to the conditions. Put dirty clothes on the dirty clothes rack to wash. If it’s still clean, consider folding it or hanging it on a clothes hanger in your room.

5 Ways to Do

5 Ways to Do

Trim various objects on the table

Finished doing these two things, then in the framework of this room cleaning activity, you can tidy up the table. Arrange or trim various objects on it. unite with the same type of position on the part that looks neat and does not disturb the view

Make the bed

After you get out of bed, your mattress can’t be in its original condition and fine, right? It must have been very chaotic because it might have been caused by the movement of your sleeping position

After doing various things that have been mentioned before, then you can then tidy up your bed. Tidy up or straighten the fabric so it looks nice to look at.

Sweep the room with a broom or a vacuum cleaner

Finally, in this room cleaning activity, you can do the closing action in the form of sweeping or vacuuming the dust in your room. Even though it’s invisible, it doesn’t mean your room isn’t free of dust. To look cleaner and maintain the health of your room, it is strongly recommended to do this as a closing action in cleaning your room.

7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients in the Kitchen That You Can Use to Help You in the Room Cleaning Process. There are many cleaning agents out there that you can find easily and are sold freely in various stores, mini markets, and even supermarkets. However, this cleaning tool is usually a mixture of various chemicals so it is dangerous if you do not use it carefully.

The good news, you can still clean the room by using cleaning agents that are safe and do not contain chemicals. This cleaner is so you can make yourself at home too. The ingredients can be found easily in your kitchen. Curious what the ingredients are? Check out the review below.

7 Ingredients in

7 Ingredients


Vinegar from the past until now is believed to be a natural cleanser that is safe and also easy to make. Cleaners made from the vinegar can help you clean up the dirt on the floor, cupboards, refrigerators, and shelves that have narrow gaps.

Besides, vinegar can also help neutralize to eliminate unpleasant odors that are often in the refrigerator because of the items stored in it.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process

Baking soda

Next is baking soda. Usually, baking soda is used to clean certain areas of the house. Like the frames on the windows and the furniture in the house. Interestingly, you can also use this baking soda to deal with pipes in your house that are clogged.

7 Ingredients in

Room Cleaning Process


Lime is known to have very high acids. This acid can be used by you to clean various stubborn stains. Usually, a collection of stubborn stains will be found on the clothes, shoes, plates, or floors in the bathroom.

Tomato sauce

You can also use tomato sauce as a cleaning agent in addition to being a friend when you eat. The acidic nature of tomato sauce is considered effective in cleaning various metal objects and furniture at home. Cookware in the kitchen there is a crust? Just rely on tomato sauce to clean it.


Borax is a natural mineral that is often used as an additive in washing clothes. Is often used to remove stains and is also a substitute for bleach in washing clothes. Even so, borax is not recommended for consumption.


Salt can also be used as baking soda. Because of that salt is often considered as an alternative to baking soda. Salt is considered to have abrasive properties so it is best used to clean objects that are cleaned by rubbing.

Besides, salt can also be used to remove rust on the surface of objects, mold, and also helps polish the surface of metal and copper objects.

Hydrogen peroxide

This material is often used for disinfectants. Therefore this material is also known to clean various stains. Because it’s easy to get and sell in some stores, you can easily make a cleaning liquid using this material at home later.

Even so, it is advisable to keep abreast of existing guidelines to avoid various undesirable things later.


Here are some ingredients that you can use to make cleaning fluid easily and safely for you to use in your home later. Even so, it still prioritizes safety in the process of making and using it later.

What You Need To Know About Proper Room Cleaning

Falling into bad habits such as leaving dirty dishes in the sinks, or rarely washing pillow case is quite easy. In fact, it is what majority of people do. Keep your house clean is necessary but sometimes it is hard to keep motivated to do so. It is worse when you are busy playing poker and out of your house most of the time.

proper room cleaning

You don’t have enough time to do the proper cleaning. If you are living alone, this might not be a big deal. However, it will become a big deal when you live with your families consisted of kids particularly. They are more prone to germs, viruses and bacteria so there is no compromise when it comes to keeping house clean.

Here are several tips to clean your home properly:

Prepare two trash bags. One is black and another is transparent. The black bag is for trash such as cans, plastic, or food remains. The transparent bag is for linens. Separating different trash that cause your room in a mess may look simple. However, it is not that simple especially when you also have many things piled up. It may take thirty to forty five minutes to finish collecting and sorting out trash.

proper room cleaning

For efficient room cleaning, do it from the back of the room to the front. It sounds like common sense but there are lots of people who don’t know this simple tips. This procedure is important so that you won’t track germs and dirt back into the areas you have already cleaned. You can start from the bathroom.

Then, make the bed, dust the the room, vacuum, and mop your way out of the room. Also, make sure to use the right cleaning products to disinfect the room especially bathroom. Making bathroom as your starter has a reason. It is the place that takes most of your cleaning time so you have to get it over with.

Room cleaning service is what you can use to keep your house or apartment clean. There are wide variety of room cleaning companies offering cleaning services in many options. Some of them can be hired under contract while others can be hired for occasional times. You can choose what you prefer.

Cleaning your house by yourself is also possible and it is more cost-efficient since you don’t have to pay for the service. However, you have to make sure that you do proper cleaning.